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Today’s picture is of an artwork that I was able to confiscate. Someone was planning on throwing it away, so luckily, I was able to claim it. If you don’t know what it is, it’s called Fleur Blanche dans Potte, it’s French or something like that, created by R. D’avers. I don’t know how much it is, but it’s a very classic piece. I know that this piece was created before she became a famous artist. It’s also a one of a kind artwork, and it’s someone else’s trash, but it’s my treasure 😀

Do you have any trash that others may treasure, if so, please consider giving it to them. I’m always trying to get my trash into be used again. It’s sad to see great books unopened and getting dusty, flabby, fat and lazy. 😀

What about, do you have sent treasures that other people may have told you was trash, how do you feel? Do you agree with them and can’t let go? Or do you hate yourself for having this irrational attachment? Or do you not care, and just love what you have.

Well let me know what trash you’re treasuring :-D. Have a great night everyone. If the artist does request that the picture gets taken down.I’m afraid that I’ll have to honor their request, but for now, enjoy this masterpiece!