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Today’s picture is of how not to deal with Poison Ivy. Recently, I posted a picture of poison ivy because it got on my skin and I had multiple rashes spread throughout my body. I’ve learned how to identify the plant and now stay away from it. One of my neighbors had poison ivy growing underneath their Fig Tree.


This is what a fig tree normally looks like, the other tree, was actually the results of someone burning the tree because they did not know how to properly remove poison ivy, luckily, my family was not home at the time, but breathing in burning poison ivy smoke can be fatal. The poison will enter your lungs and you’ll get those rashes inside your body, which could lead to death. I don’t know if anyone else was around when that happened. But, thank goodness, we haven’t heard of anyone suffering from it. But, I wanted to sure that picture, because sometimes an uneducated persons’ action could lead to harmful, even fatal, consequences. The internet is here for us, please take a moment to research before doing something that could have lasting consequences for you and others around you. Also, not to mention the dead Fig Tree in the center. That was an unnecessary loss of life. My neighbors do not own the house, they’re renting it, and we could see they didn’t really care about what the owners left with them. It senseless, and I’m sad to see a life was lost.