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Today’s picture is of a rubber toy car. I took this while at work. I’m pretty fortunate to have a job that is excited as well as being surrounded by actively, engaged people. Also, because it’s a company that participates in bringing entertainment to their customers, we have quite a few trinkets and small toys throughout the office space. Yes, there are also beanbag chairs around as well.
I took this picture as a text to one of my friends and decided why not use it as my picture of the day. Hopefully, it portrays the place that I work as well as shows what the message that I wanted to say, which is, I’m lucky to have found such a great place to work. Now, this didn’t just happen, it took about 10 years of searching, struggling, working for worse companies, or just being in a bad position.

Cheer up, if you haven’t found a great job, or your dream job. It’s out there, take time, make an effort and you may find it. Don’t give up, and keep on searching. You’ll never know unless you look for it.