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Today’s picture is the 69th Street sign. It’s not exciting. I forgot which other city’s sign this was modeled after, but this sign represents my daily commute everyday to work. I use to drive to work 1.5 hours away, but fortunately I found a job inside the city, so now I don’t have to drive to work. The El takes me there for $91 a month. It’s not bad, my fiancee also lives close to the El stop as well. In Philadelphia, the Septa lines run to most places inside the city, outside the city, you can take the bus. The frequency of vehicles are less, but usually every 30 minutes or so. The El runs about every 7 to 15 minutes like the subway lines in NYC. Mass transit is pretty awesome.

Today’s picture may be pedestrian, but it’s an important part of my life. Do you take public transportation? What’s do you like most about it?