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Today’s picture is of this delicious, mouth watering, appetizing, amazingly satisfying doughnut. The cream was amazing. It’s not too sweet either, just the perfect balance that it becomes addictive. I know that I shouldn’t eat it. But, it’s free, and they were passing around the doughnut tray. Everyone was taking one, so why shouldn’t I? Peer pressure is to blame. Skipping breakfast is to blame. Weak will is to blame. Everything is to blame, but me. I savored the goodness, delectable, sugary center and my brain loved it!

I must have gained quite a few pounds ever since working here. It’s been hard since we do get free doughnuts, free pretzels, and sometimes free food. Work is amazing, but stressful at times, so they feed us. How can I resist?

I guess, I can go running after work, but will I really? If I did go running and didn’t eat the doughnut, I know I will feel happier than if I just ran after eating the doughnut. Guilt mix with pleasure. Why the conflicting thoughts.

So what conflicts do you go through that never seems to end? Let me know and please share, thanks!