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Today’s picture is of something that I enjoy eating, Crawfish. If you haven’t eaten these before, they taste like mini-lobster, but not as good. Kind of like a mix between shrimp and lobster. They grow abundantly in Louisiana. I had them down there a while back, in jambalaya 😀 Yummy! I love Crawfish. We decided tonight to go out to eat at the Chinese Buffet. That’s one of our likely spots to dine. It has a great variety of food. The quality is okay, but not so bad. It’s not gourmet dining, but the cost is somewhat affordable. The problem is, it’s all you can eat. Somehow whenever we go there, we always try to eat as much as we can. It’s strange, just because it’s labeled “all you can eat” We just have to try.
Now, be honest with me, when you go out to a buffet, do you try to eat all that you can eat? It’s weird; it’s like we’re wired to avoid the loss. You pay to eat all that you can, and if someone tries to take that away from you, you defend it vehemently. So, I wonder if we avoided places like these, can we avoid giving into sin, or giving into our vices.
I hope that today will serve as a lesson for me to be more aware of my weaknesses and avoid places that will prey on them. It is difficult, but it’ll take practice and some mental re-engineering. You almost have to re-wire your brain to not see it as a sacrifice, but see it as personal development. Because if you view it as a sacrifice, it’s not going to work.
It’s like dieting, you can’t say, okay if I stay away from sugary treats, then I’ll lose weight. It may work in the short run; but in the long run, you have to change the way you think and the way you view sugary treats.
Today, I gave into sin, hopefully tomorrow, I will be stronger to resist it. Are there any sins or vices that you feel like giving up, but noticing that you keep falling into? Let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

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