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Today’s picture of the day is the diamond ring that I bought before I met my fiancee, yes, you read correctly, the ring I bought [before!] I met my fiancee. I saw a great deal on the internet, I think it was for $20 or something, it’s a lab-created diamond, so real, not real, I guess you’ll be the judge on what constitutes as a diamond. Quality grade, I don’t know, nor can I tell. Actually, I wonder if I could pass it on to a real-life jeweler and get it measured, wouldn’t that be something.

Well, the reason why I’m posting this picture is because I bought the ring, and other jewelry in expectation of meeting the right girl, and hoping that I could save a few hundred $$$ bucks in buying jewelry, when the prices are good, versus having to buy jewelry in an over-priced superstore. Lo and Behold, I met a wonderful girl, a lovely lady, and she’s not into the mainstream jewelry type at all, so all my preparation was for naught. Well, actually, it makes a good story, so I keep some around, since she doesn’t want it, but maybe, someday, my daughter, or hey, sometimes they’ll make great Christmas gifts, haha!! So, sometimes in life, you can be prepared for what life throws at you, and sometimes, surprises come way outside your vision that it doesn’t matter, but you could not specifically prepare for what life gives you. Sometimes, you just have to count your losses and move on. This post represents my old life, and transitioning into my future life, with an amazing, wonderful, very unpredictable young lady.

Have you ever seen a girl cry, and she does not know why. Yup! That’s where my life is headed. I mention this, because I’m a very well-planned, thought-out person. When I go shopping, I know what I want, I go there, offer a price, or settle for a price and buy it. Usually, it’s on Amazon that I do my shopping. Or if I go to the grocery store, I know the price before I even get there. When you have to start thinking for two, and the other person doesn’t…. isn’t…. you, there’s no way to predict their behavior. Sure, there are some ways to be prepared, but at times, sometimes there isn’t, and for me, having to deal with variables can sometimes be difficult. But, this unknown is also part of the reason why I’m getting married and choosing to live my life with this single individual (my fiancee), because there are so many more adventures out there awaiting us. She brings what the Oracle brings to the matrix, while I’m the Architect; a balance to the equation.

Now, I’m learning how to live with another individual in my life, and they’re not like a close friend that if you needed space or you want to go off to college, you either take them with you, or leave them behind. Your wife is a part of you; she is the other side of your coin. Wherever you go, she goes with you. I’m learning how to live a new lifestyle. Some may say that it’s compromising, or sharing, or sacrificing; I like to see it as an adventure. You’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to get angry with each other, you’re going to experience all these new and wonderful life events. No matter how much you prepare for life, you cannot prepare for it. All, you can do is live life, one moment to the next. (Look to Day 2’s post for how to live on 24 hours a day).

What I’m trying to say, is that life will give you unexpected events, and you’ll just have to deal with it. Those challenges are actually what makes you stronger, better because they push you pass your comfort zone, they get you out of your monotony; they make you learn and adapt. Some of my pre-bought jewelry turned out well, some of it didn’t. This one, I have no idea who will want it, but maybe in the future, I will find a use for it, or someone else will find a use for it.

So, in preparation for my life with my fiancee, I had to learn what her love language is (which also changes, as we grow together). I also had to purchase an engagement ring that costs a whole lot more than $20, then we have to spend money on a wedding, then I get a surprise, that there such a thing called a wedding band (aka another ring). Totally, a shocker, for me. But, that’s what life gives you. As you grow, your life will change. Nothing stays the same, and if you do not keep growing, or keep trying to better yourself. You will fall behind and life will pass you by, and you would not have really lived. I’ve experienced this loss of time in my younger years, now I know that life is ever-changing. The change needs to be embraced, not feared. So, I say goodbye to my prior life, and look forward to living my new life, which starts NOW! and NOW! and NOW! Darn it, life, slow down and stop changing đŸ™‚ haha!!

Keep on living, keep on learning!