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Today’s picture is of a watch. Sometimes we may feel rushed, or there’s this great event that we’re waiting for. Have you ever started a week and can’t wait until the week is over, so you can go on vacation. What about when it’s the day before Christmas Eve, and you know that you will have off tomorrow, or what about July 15th, 2015 (Amazon Prime Day). Can’t wait for those sales to come and then it’s time to shop!! Woohoo!! Or maybe, what if someone you love is in the hospital and you’re waiting to hear that they will be okay, or they may not be okay. Does it feel like time slows down, when it wants to torture you, or time speeds up when you’re having too much fun and it’s over before you know it.
Well, how can you slow down time? Have you ever watch a boiling kettle, or a more modern version, have you ever waited for a the microwave to finish, and it seems that when it gets closer to being almost over, time drags on even more slowly? Well, the answer is right in front of you. By, being aware of time, you slow it down, to either suffer through it or enjoy it. Actually, by being aware of the passage of time; it’ll be you appreciate time even more. Now that I’m older, about 35, going on 36. I’m noticing that time does really slow down when you’re aware of it. I feel that I’ve wasted my youths, playing games, doing nothing productive, and just existing, having fun, of course, but not doing anything for society. It was only, in the past few years, did I want to be more productive and started to engage myself, challenge myself to do things that feel uncomfortable. Only when I started to do those things, did time seem to slow down so that I can enjoy them. Haha! Actually, since I’m doing things that feel uncomfortable, time slows down, so that I suffer through the awkwardness, but knowing that those uncomfortable moments are actually great experiences, I’m glad that time slows down so that I can enjoy them. Have you ever started on a run, or on an exercise path, and it seems like you’re not going anywhere? It seems like you’re just running in place and making no progress at all? Well, I felt like that for years, but lo and behold, all that time exercising and working out, was actually beneficial. Even though, the running & exercising wasn’t always fun; the results are definitely enjoyable. I’m glad that I had time to run. Nowadays, it seems that there are less and less time to run for myself, but ah, the truth comes out. I’ve lost sight of time, so to slow time down, once again. I must be aware of it; I must LIVE in the moment. Be aware of the present and appreciate the gift that God has bestowed upon me, called the “present” Haha! Sorry, I had to stick that in there… why do they call it the “present” (time), because it’s a gift, haha!

So, go out there an enjoy your present, let me know what you have decided to do with your time. Arnold Bennett makes a great point that, no matter who you are, rich or poor, you only get 24 hours in a day. You cannot borrow from the future, you cannot save up time to spend later. It is ever-flowing, the great equalizer. So how will you spend your time?