Ok, I’m taking on a new project. I’m not really into taking pictures, so I’ve decided to expand on a talent that I haven’t used in a while and that’s taking pictures. I’ve decided to take one picture a day and posting it online. One, as a journal to my journey through life, and two, as a practice for reflection, so I can see what is important in my daily life, that I’m willing to take a picture of it and post about it.

Today’s picture is of a squirrel in Franklin Square Park. There were a bunch of pigeons there as well, but I picked the squirrel because he / she was quite dominant on the scene. The birds were eating drops of food, but the squirrel jumped onto tables, scared the birds away and even dove into trash cans. I may have fallen prey into taking picture of something that wants to be the center of attention, like one of those crowd pleasers, or “look at me” type of person. But, that’s my picture for today. I love nature and the outdoors. I love how sneaky animals can be, and even if we’re living close to them, they are still wild and we need to be aware of them. I like that feeling, because it makes you feel more aware of your surroundings. I wouldn’t like to live like that always, but every once in a while. I guess that’s what people are describing when they’re taking about, getting in touch with nature. That we share this world with other creatures and other living beings; that we “share” this world with God’s other creatures.