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Happy New Year! This year’s mascot is the Sheep / Goat. There’s a whole philosophy behind each animal, just like Zodiac in Astrology, the Chinese culture has their 12 mascots, which occur every 12 years. Since this is my year, I am at an age that is a multiple of 12… hehe, I’m not going to reveal what it is, but I’m guessing you already know.

What does this mean? Well, they say that because it’s my year, something BIG! will happen, it could swing either REALLY, REALLY good or REALLY, REALLY bad! Haha…  I think it’s just made up to keep things entertaining, like fortune cookies. But, some people do prescribe to this belief, and I say, the year will turn out to be exactly how you want it. So make this your year, regardless of what the horoscope says, and you can easily interpret them favorably. It doesn’t matter even if you get the “You will Die!” fortune. Oh, you never had one of those? Well, as a prank when I was younger, I would switch out the fortunes as we ate Chinese food, and what a surprise when someone got that one 🙂 haha!! Ah, nostalgia, oops, showing my age (again).

This year so far has been filled with lots of adventure so far for me, and it hasn’t even been two months yet. I gained a niece, a fiancee, and the best burger deal ever!!!

PYT Groupon Deal

Haha! Also, I’m running in the Broad Street again. I have a mini-triathlon scheduled this year, and may even be training for the Disney World Dopey Challenge. WOooo!! I can’t wait for the training to actually begin, since it’s so cold outside here in Philly. (-9 degrees Fahrenheit)

Don’t let this year past you by; you can reset your goals that you had back in January and start-over again…haha!! Thank you everyone for reading. Please spread the word about my blog and keep checking back. I’m really going to get this blog more attention. I even got my first gig up on Fiverr.com , check it out!

Thanks! Have a wonderful new year!