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Well, there’s news that the North-East will get hit with some snow again. So what is everyone’s plan when the snow hits the fan. In Philadelphia, it doesn’t look too terrible, but it will however cause a very bad commute Tuesday morning. If you have to go out, please be careful. Is anybody going to rush out and get milk, eggs, and bread? I usually do my shopping on Monday midnight or Saturday midnight. Not sure, if anybody else does this. But, I find that the manager’s special come out after midnight. Manager’s special are for items that are near expiration, or will expire that same day. So getting meats $1/off or yogurt for $0.50/off. It may not seem much, but sometimes it’s a 50% sale.

Well, I hope everyone stays safe this week, especially with the bitter cold, and snowstorms coming our way. Sometimes, it good to take snow-day and stay indoors or… as some of my friends like to do. Have Fun!!

Sledding down Art Museum steps.