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I was talking with some good friends of mine, and we got into discussing what is “Good” and what is “Evil”. Some people say there is a distinct “Good / Evil”, while I am unsure. What do you think?

Good / Evil Argument: There are actions that lead to suffering and those are evil actions. {we won’t discuss if there are good / evil people, and leave that for another time}. But what if the action was necessary for life, say killing someone to eat them for dinner?

Non-biased Argument: Suffering is a perception of mind. If you get burned, and you learn from it… working with fire will make you be more cautious. The suffering makes you into a stronger person, if you learn from it.

Normally, taking an argument to the extreme usually leads to irrational conclusions, like saying everyone needs to learn Math & English, or everyone is good at heart, etc… But, as I was discussing with my Christian friends, they seem to think the Devil is “Evil” or the source of “Evil” and God is the source of “Good”. Being in my nature to question most things, I say… “if God is all powerful, couldn’t he smite the Devil out of existence? But, wait… what if the Devil is actually an instrument of God? What if the Devil causes the suffering and people turn away from the darkness towards God. It’s like the Devil is ushering us towards God by causing all this suffering and chaos.” {They were intrigued by this hypothesis}.

Then I said… “what if God and the Devil are working as a team, like bad cop / good cop, working towards a similar goal? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Then there would be no good or evil, it’s all leading us towards God, or all towards good.” {I believe that for us to see the light, we must see the darkness as well, like working with the Ying and the Yang}

I understand that suffering hurts, and sometimes we wish it never happened, but usually through the suffering do we change our lives for the better. Imagine how many times you have to fail before succeeding in something. Life is hard, but if we rise above the challenges and learn from our suffering, life can be hard, difficult, but yet Amazing!

Comment if you like, I am interested in what people’s thoughts are on this subject, and please be respectful of others’ opinions. By listening to them, we can learn {from other people’s mistakes} 🙂