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Has anybody seen this article floating around the internet?

The 52-Week Money Challenge:
Try the 52 week money challenge for 2013!!

Well, that’s a wonderful message isn’t it?

I’ve seen quite a number of friends of mine that got sold on this idea and decided to give it a try…that’s great!!

But what they don’t know is with a bit more information they could essentially DOUBLE! their final value.

That’s right!! HOW??? Well, easy… keep with the same plan, but instead:

1) Do it backwards… put the $52 in first
2) Put it into some interest bearing account: IE. ETFs, Mutual Funds, even 401Ks would do it. With a 401K (pre-tax) savings, you’ll get a whopping additional 0%-35% tax savings! {We’ll save that discussion for later}

TADA!!! You have doubled what you would have gotten by following those two above steps. Here’s the result and what it’ll look like:

This is what we call the miracle of compound interest…

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Have a wonderful & fortuitous day!