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Hello Everyone,

A lot has been going on, went through a major transition in life, which has given me a new perspective on my activities on-line and off-line. So, it’s great when you go through a transition that furthers your appreciation on life and your community.

I’ll go more into detail about that in person, but yesterday I had a wonderful conversation. It brought to light, what a major difference a single word can make. I didn’t realize this, but I use “When” much more than “If”. Have you ever thought about how often do you say “If” and / or “When”?

When I graduate college… or when I go to work… or when I exercise…
If I graduate college… if I go to work… if I exercise.

I’ve learned through my readings to be more concrete when making goals and have a positive, completionist, mental attitude. When you set a goal, you set a definitive timeline, and measurements to ensure that you’re on track. I think “When” rather than “If”. Yesterday was when the difference between the two words became very concrete.

Imagine that you’re in a serious relationship… and you hear “If we get married” vs. “When we get married” HA! 🙂 Notice how difference the two sentences are. Notice, how one is filled with uncertainty while the other seems like an almost certainty. It was great to finally understand that your state of mind can really affect your behavior. I’m not saying there’s anything right / wrong with using either word. It’s just the way you view things. Sometimes, while you’re pondering choices in life, you say “If”… like “If I become an accountant” or “if I become a doctor”… sometimes certain goals are mutually exclusive, or sometimes you just need to plan for a bad scenario… “If I lose my job” or “If I die”, sometimes we have to plan for those events that we do not want to happen, but they may. Remember, “Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best”, sometimes life will throw a bunch of curve balls your way, and you may find it hard to reach some certainty in life. So what is the real difference between these two words. I believe it’s a state of mind. Saying one instead of the other does not change the situation in any way. It will however change your mental perception, so if you want to be more positive, use “When” if you believe that there’s a [high] probability that the event may not occur, you use “If”… [high = personal perception]. I, personally, prefer to use the word “When” because when I put my mind to someone, I plan on accomplishing it. If it doesn’t turn out as planned, no big deal, I embrace the temporary failure as a wonderful learning experience, and re-state my goals.

So, yes people, I shall be back to posting weekly entries. I have also finished the 1st phase of many on my spiritual journey, so I will be engaging in more religious topics as well. No longer will I flee from God. He is a part of my life and I shall embrace Him, even if / when others do not… Haha!! [If or when => You decide!]

Thanks for reading!