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So, in my meetup group. We’re going to talk about God and how he has influenced our personal development. Amazingly, not a lot of people signed up. Why?? I wonder what makes people either turn away from God or turn towards him with a passion. It seems that people can only love the guy or hate the guy. Why, can’t we just be open to his message? Last time my group met, we talked about Napoleon Hill, everyone embraced his idea that we have the power within ourselves to shape our future. Doesn’t God say the same thing? “With ME all things are possible” or, “I have made you in my likeness, and I am your All-Powerful, Almighty God”. Wayne Dyer, interprets that as, he made us all-powerful and we can control our future. He gave me “free-will” so we can shape our future the way we want. Sure, he still has influence over us, but why do people turn away from him.

Both, Napoleon Hill & God sends us a message. We can choose to follow or believe in it. We can apply it to our lives, or not. But, why does mentioned “God” make people feel all weird? I always thought that whoever was talking about God wanted to convert me, but my group knows, that I’m not one to convert, every time we meet, we talk about a different author and their message. But, weird isn’t it, that once you mention God, people turn away, or they embrace Him.