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Have you ever had a moment in life that comes to you as a surprise? Was it a positive or a negative? It’s funny how our memory works, we seem to remember the negatives more often than the positives. It’s like that saying “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” It seems that we’re built instinctually to remember the negative stuff. We develop this fear of creepy crawly things, and people who hurt us, and even imagined fear. There are millions of people suffering from PTSD. (Post-traumatic stress syndrome) why are there people who do not suffer from Post-Euphoric stress syndrome)? Where if you see a loved one, you’ll suffer from an uncontrollable sense of happiness. Oh, oh… Wait, we did, didn’t we? Whenever I see my nephew, he screams out with joy! Almost every time he sees me. So why is it when we get older, we suppress our feelings of joy?
Honestly, I cannot answer this question, the only reason why that I can see is because we suffer the wrath of those who do not feel add happy as we are. Many times, I have felt the wrath of others, who told me to act like an adult. Now, if it was a few people, then I may not listen, but when almost everyone you meet has the same reaction, you would curb yourself to fit in.
After studying many self-help books, I’ve learned that I need to unlearn what I’ve learned previously. This is a very tough task, imagine investing 10 or 20 years making you into who you are, and now realizing it was wrong. Well, staying ignorant would cost too much that I need to change. I’m writing this in the hope that you, my readers, will learn from my mistake. Please do not holds onto some superficial belief that others have placed on you. Stand up proud to be different and who you are. Live your life the way you want to. Actually, learn from your elders 🙂 Just realizing that the elders of our society can enjoy the fun in life. They can go and do what they want when they want. So can we!