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Has anyone ever heard of this before? I grew up hearing this and I think it scarred me for life. Seriously, if you fight fire with fire, doesn’t that just escalate and you have a full-blown forest fire. Dear God! I like what the Dalai Lama says, fight fire with water. That makes a lot more sense. So how does that relate to your personal development?

When someone throws an insult at you, try not to add fire to their flame. In fact, as Napoleon Hill says, “return their insults with overwhelming goodness.” (Law of Retaliation) That’s the water to their fire. Return good for evil, and you will disarm them, taking advantage of the battlefield. Rather than facing a head-on confrontation like bulls bumping heads. Outflank and outwit them. Sometimes your enemies are your best teachers.

How do we practice returning goodness for evil. Ah, like any other skill, this too, can be practiced and learned. It takes patience and an understanding the law of retaliation.

First: start small
Just like when a baby poops and you “have” to clean it up. Realize that you don’t “have” to, you choose to, and the baby had no ill will towards you. Smile and know that by doing so, you’re expressing love.

Second: Escalate
Smile at people in the streets. There’s no I’ll will here, but you’re practicing giving goodness for nothing. You’re developing the habit of giving goodness with no expectations.

Third: Escalate again
This time use auto-suggestion or find someone who needs some cheering up. Be careful, because if you let them drag you into their negativity, then you’re going to hurt them as well as yourself. Armed with this awareness, you should be able to bring joy to their life without falling yourself. Even though your contribution of joy may seem insignificance, you’ve done something. You’ve made a positive impact when there was none.

Finally: Develop a mindset of “Love”
When someone accosts you, take a moment, create that much needed awareness to view the situation objectively, and return with love and care. Make their well-being your focus, and you will win.

Example: In sales, we learn not to bargain on price, we focus on deliverables. If someone says your product costs to much, it’s because they do not see the value. It’s up to you to raise their value perception, not to discount by 25%. If you do, it cheapens both experiences. That’s fighting fire with fire. By giving them more added-value is overcoming their fire with water.

Take some time today to show some love for your neighbors 🙂