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Good Sunday Everyone!

How is everyone progress towards their goals? Today is so wonderful, that my legs barely work anymore… I walk funny and sitting is even uncomfortable. It’s such a great feeling… NO, not the pain 🙂 But the accomplishment of reaching one of my goals 🙂 haha!! Weeee!! Yup, just finished the Broad Street 10-miler today. Shaved 10 minutes off my time. Recall that saying, “No Pain, no Gain”, or better yet… “Success is built upon a mountain of failures” Well, each step after mile 7, was literally failure beckoning me to stop running. If it wasn’t for my brother, for the crowd, and for the fellow runners, I would’ve stopped. So, when you’re ready to succumb to failure, seek out whatever / whoever you can to pull you forward. If no one is around, you always have God. “With Him all things are possible” [Matthew 19:26] I don’t mean to get all preachy, but when your lungs are cramping up, your legs are about to crack, and every step is pure agony, with pain in your hips, yeah… you’re looking to whatever you can to get some inspiration.

Yeah, it’s painful working towards your goals. You’re going to face obstacles, some seemingly impossible to tackle, but one step at a time towards the right direction, will take you closer towards your goals. For me, it took 25,000 steps to reach my goal. How many steps will it take you to reach your goal? How steps do you commit to take today… tomorrow… until you reach your goal??

Take that step… 24,999 more to go:)
Broad Street Run