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Good morning everyone. Welcome to the first of the month where reports are due, bills renew, and the cycle repeats. How is everyone this fine day in May? Ever since I have started my company, I’ve noticed that there are opportunities abound! I mean, almost everyone I meet has a million dollar idea. Some have joined MLM organizations.
The kind that, you get two people to sell a product, then those get two more, and so on. By the 5th iteration, you have 32 people. Each one of those people sell anything, and you get some residual income. Soon, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars without having to work.
As I network with other individuals, they too are in building their own brand or selling their products and services. I remember in my past, I use to sell life insurance, and with each policy you get a residual income, when your client makes their monthly or annual payment. Again, after selling enough policies you no longer have to work and make hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Other people that I’ve met are making a decent amount of money every year, and saving a bit away at a time. After so many years, while their investments compound annually, they too, become millionaires. Meeting all of these people, it seems like everyone is becoming a millionaire! So, am I just fortunate to be surrounded by millionaires in the making?
Someone once told me, it doesn’t matter what you do for money, as long as you stick with it, LOVE what you’re doing, pay yourself first, then you will be successful. I totally believe that because the financial models that we use to estimate people’s value, they all involve the time value of money.
So, I hope that you believe in your millionaire inside, he or she is there expressing themselves. Believe and let them flow freely, and in time, you will be a millionaire by listening to yourself and paying yourself first.