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Thank you all for your contribution!! They were very helpful! Most people said that they admired my friend’s strength and resolve, while hinting that they may not go as far. So, they are similar to me, in that aspect. Some said it was depended on the situation. If it was family, you may need to suffer a lot to help them come back from their suffering, but if it was just a friend or an acquaintance, you may not go as far. That help me understand my friend’s point of view. She is a very passionate person, and whoever she deals with, she puts her heart into it. She dedicates herself to that person or that cause. She basically “adopts” them as family, and that connection allows her to dedicate more of herself to them. Unlike me, I only have the capacity to “love” a few people, and so I can only suffer for a few people at a time, to help them get themselves back on their feet.
In the end, we all have a capacity for “LOVE”. We are all different, so our capacity differs from everyone. We can only try our best to help others. If we are not trained or have the capacity to help others greatly, it does not matter, even a little bit of help can greatly affect their lives. It is not the level that we contribute, but the value that others gain from our contribution. Even though, I cannot empathize like my friend can. I am still able to positively affect others, and I should not be comparing myself to my friend, after all, we were constructed differently by God, and so we should act differently.

I can only compare myself to me. If I know that I am capable of helping others and I CHOOSE to, then that is my choice, and if I can live with the outcome, then I can take that action, even if it’s the wrong one. We all make mistakes, just “as long as in the end, we leave this world a better place” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Once again, thank you all for your contribution!