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I had a wonderful discussion with a good friend of mine this week. It was on the topic of helping others. We have two differing viewpoints. She likes to help others and take on their burdens, which because they are so great, can sometimes overwhelm her. Who she helps is greatly appreciative, but from my perspective, helping those beyond your abilities might actually be damaging to you. It’s like when you first help others, you support them, add strength to their fight, and give them courage. But, if the odds are overwhelming, it starts to poison you, and you might get dragged down to a level that you cannot handle. I was wondering , what do other people think?

Is it selfish to help others to the point where helping them doesn’t hurt you, or when you commit to help others, you go a mile in their shoes, so that the burden is shared equally? I think that my friend, is a very generous person, who is more courageous than I am. She has a lot of strength in her. I may be weak in the compassion department, but yet I still try to do my part.

What is your opinion on this matter, should we help others, and how great should our contribution be?
Is there a way to train, so that we can help others even more than we are capable of?

Courtesy of: Free Digital Photos.net / suphakit73

Courtesy of: Free Digital Photos.net / suphakit73