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As I was surfing through the internet I found a very interesting picture. Has anyone seen this before?


You have two paths, one leads to Success, and the other leads to Failure. Pretty simple, eh? Which path will you take… hmm.. Then I thought about it again, and HAHA! This is a trick, if I follow this sign post, then it’ll lead to failure. Why??

The sign below leads to Success…

ImageYep! Success is actually built on a Gigantic Mountain of Failures. So, I’ll take the road in between, the failure road that leads to success. How does failure lead towards success. Well, remember when we first learned how to walk… how did we learn? We fell, then got up, then fell again, and again, over and over… and finally, we learn how to walk. How did we learn how to ride a bike, by falling off numerous times. How did we find our perfect career, by working in industries we have no passion. How do we pass tests, by first taking simulated exams, and failing them, prepping us for the real exam. Who takes a driving test without ever driving a car? You wouldn’t, you would practice, taking small “failures” to learn. Take the words of a great inventor, philosopher, Mr. Thomas Edison – “I failed my way to success”.

ImageDid Mr. Edison create the light-bulb on the first try, no he “failed” hundreds of times and found what didn’t work. Finally, he did achieve his success, but it was built upon a mountain of failure. One light-bulb was the result of hundred trials & errors. So, for this week, embrace your “failures”, see them as a stepping stone towards your success. Don’t give up, and keep on striving towards your goals. Fail once, fail twice, keep failing, until you achieve success. If people laugh at you for failing, smile back, because you know, that with each failure, it brings you closer to your prosperity. Every “no” leads you closer to that wonderful “yes”.

Embrace Failure and Achieve Success through Failure 🙂
Courtesy: School of Investing, LLC – www.schoolofinvestingllc.com