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This week, I’m going to talk about Napoleon’s Hill Rung #1: A Definite Aim in Life.
What does that mean to you? To any of us? Well, he makes it seem so simple, right? Pick an aim in life and life it. Put the image in the forefront of your mind and do everything you can to achieve it. As long as it betters mankind, it will happen. But, is it that simple? Does having an aim in life lead to prosperity. I would agree with Mr. Hill on this point, I believe so. But, even though it is a simple concept, it is a difficult task.
How often do we find something to be passionate about, pursue it with such great vigor, and even accomplish it; to feel success, but yet empty inside, thinking that our initial goal was too simple. It may have seem impossible when we first started, but as we slowly worked our way to reaching that goal, it becomes closer and closer, and now it’s been achieved.
Ah… now I see what Mr. Hill was talking about, the definite aim in life is ever-changing. It’s like when you set upon a goal, for example: My goal is to create a new approach to education, where we do not force our students into adopting a standardized approach that appeals to the masses, but yet leaves many untrained. The current structure is that we teach an approach that about 80% of the class can grasp, but the upper echelon students lose out because the teacher is restricted from teaching faster, while the lower echelon students lose out because the teacher is restricted from teaching slower. The medium students are served but with mediocrity. They are not challenged to work beyond their capabilities, and so I want to change this approach to have a standardized base, but customize the teaching to meet the students’ needs and desires. Will this aim in life lead me to prosperity? Hmm.. I do not know, but yet, I do know that in a few (5) years, I will need to change my aim in life… why? Because I will be more experienced and knowledgeable in a few years. It is an ever-changing aim. I believe Mr. Hill means to think hard and deep about your aim in life, pursue it with all your abilities and adapt it as your life grows. We should not concern ourselves too much about the end goal, because we cannot know it, we can envision it, but that will change. What will not change is the basis of your aim in life. My aim has changed numerous times, but it has always been centered in Education. I was unaware of this, until I took time to ponder what am I doing with my life.
Now, I ask you, my followers, those whom, I am very grateful for following my blog, “What is your Aim in Life?” Please let me know. I will share it with the world in the next blog, and we shall see, if your aim in life changes or not, and what happens after you have achieved it?
This is similar to setting a goal and achieving it. Once you set a goal, you’ll break it down to smaller, easier steps. Accomplish the smaller steps and slowly you will finish your goal. It’s an easy concept, but what happens after you’ve accomplished your goal? The definite aim in life is your the culmination of all your goals, just as your goals are the culmination of your smaller steps.

So what is your “Aim in Life?” Thanks!
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