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Good Evening Everyone!

Have you noticed how much life is just like any game we play? We spend hours, upon hours, playing Farmville, DDO, Zombie Pandemic, and so on… We go out in search for loot, we repeated water our crops, we basically do the same mundane stuff over and over again to win that awesome new item that’ll be gone forever once a certain holiday passes by. You know, the hot air balloon on Valentine’s Day, the Santa hat on Christmas, or the Candy Cane crops, whatever it may be, we spend hours and hours gathering the resources for it, we even enlist our friends and family to help us along. Imagine, if we played life with the same passion, the same ferocity. Imagine how much we can accomplish in life. Well, today, I have decided to play life as if it’s a game. If I want something in life, I’m going to farm, and farm, and farm, and farm for it. I’ll take myself out there and repeatedly do the mundane stuff until I get what I want. Amazingly, we do, right? We go to work almost everyday to get money, which can then buy what we want. Hmm… something seems strange here. How come, in-game, when we get money, we hoard it. We farm for more money and we hoard it. I cannot tell you what’s in my Skyrim house because there’s too many things, why then, in life do we not accomplish the same riches. Well, that is a conundrum, we spend all of our money in life, never saving it. Well, I guess if we want to be millionaires, like we are in-game. We should start paying ourselves first, shouldn’t we. Store some of it away in that chest, and then go back out adventuring, and saving, rather than buying useless items that we’ll enjoy for a little bit, let’s save up for that grand castle in the sky, you know, the Level 99 hot item. It is amazing what we can learn from our games. Let’s live our life and become the most powerful character we can become!

Have a wonderful day, playing in the ultimate game of all, your life!