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Good Evening Everyone,

Have you ever had that feeling, where things are all going wrong… you wake up late, you’re running late for work, the bus doesn’t show up on time, or you just missed it, or your car is out of gas, or the plane’s delayed. Then the traffic is slow, you’re watching the clock and the minutes are ticking away, but you’re not moving. Well, there is a theory behind this…

“The haves, get more… the have nots, get less…” If you’re focused on being late, you seem to get delayed even more. Or if everything’s going your way, traffic is a breeze, you woke up early, full of energy, and ready out the door… well, your focus is on having a wonderful morning, and there you have.

You think you have no money, and so you will not have any money, but if you think you have money in abundance, you will have abundance. Pfft! Right, where did this mumbo-jumbo come from… actually Matthew 13:12..

“Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”

What a strange place to find this verse, isn’t it… well, it seems like the more you focus on something, the more in abundance it will come. Focus on feelings of joy and happiness, more will abound to you, focus on despair and fear, you’ll get more despair and fear. Oh! that sounds like the law of attraction doesn’t it?? Hmm… could it be… could the law of attraction be mentioned in the bible? Hmm…

Wow! After reading that verse, it kinda gave me something to think about. If I focus on happiness and joy, I’ll get more of it… awesome! Then here’s to happiness! 🙂

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week as I am, met some great people this week, had some awesome business developments. Enjoy the upcoming week everyone! Keep on thinking positive, because the bible said so 🙂 haha!

I’m going to start a blog on wordpress, I’ll send out the invite later, but more upcoming developments and you guys / gals are in the front seats, get ready to feel the rush!